Return merchandise


Claim and return policy

Every customer has the right to return the products in 14 days after recieving it, without any particular reason (p. 50 Law of customer protection Bulgariaexcept in cases described in am. 2 of p.50)

Before that the Customer must connect to the office of AMZ Ltd. and to fill our Claim and return protocol, which will be send to the Customer on request on his email address.

According to Bulgarian law the customer must return the good to the company not later than 14 day, after the day the Customer informed the Seller for the return.

AMZ will accept only products, with unopen package which are not dameged or visibly used and can be accpeted as new merchandise. The products must be acompanied with the invoice and cash reciept. All orderes must be returned to Sofia 1618 136B Tsar Boris III blvd. In case of quality issues AMZ we change the product or will make a discount of the price or will fully refund the Customer covering all transport and back charges.

We will refund the amount to the customer on given bank account in 30 day after we are sure that the product is in good condition.

Return merchandise form: